Saturday, January 3, 2009

X'mas n 2009

Now @ office waiting for my friend to finish his "Bug fixing" activity. So thought I would blog about things I did for X'mas and New year (which almost every time sums up to sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping.., but not this time).

This X'mas I (actually we pullazhians [would need to start another blog to describe all of them:)]) had my X'mas wine 'n' cake at Shine 'n' Sherine's (pullazhians, ofcourse). Then on 26th (or is it 27th, man.., I have poor memory) we went to Athirapilly, Vazhachal, and some other dam on the way. The tour was fun and *free* (as in free beer) as one of our pullazhians's father works in forest department. We were 8 (me, raseel, vc, hiranchettan, kuttan, kunku, shine, and sherine) in 2 cars (raseel's and kunku's). The tour was fun (I was assigned to the job of taking snaps of all the cool things they do :)), security shouting at me for going too near the waterfall, shine stepping on crap...(sorry dude).

And guess what I did on New year's....

slept from 9 to 7 (C'mon, I was tired after all the action).

With that, a belated Happy New Year to all my readers, keep smiling :-)...

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