Saturday, January 3, 2009

Google is insane!!!

Just started using google reader for my favourite blogs. And when I started checking the "recommended links" section. Obviously it matches my profile with other bloggers's profile to "recommend" links. And these are the links that showed up

Three of those links were blogs of my college-mates

Life Revisited
Cool Raindrops
Free as in freedom...not as in free beer...

and the other one was that of "malayalam reality shows" or something like that.... thankfully, there is a "No thanks" link for it.

PS: Sorry for the title, Google. I love google (we all do).


Anonymous said...

Google also links the blogs in your friend's readedrs also in the top recommendation.. :)


Balagopal said...

ohhh, yes, that's why...
should have thought about that possibility. Otherwise (If just showing GECTians blogs) there would have been many more than 3 links.
Thanks for the input :)