Thursday, December 9, 2010

Workspace Switcher Add-on - The End

I tried out Firefox 4 beta. It has an inbuilt feature for grouping tabs. So that removes the necessity for my add-on. Only a matter of time before we need a feature to group "groups of tabs". :-)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Updates - 7/12/2010

I have been quite busy with my M.Tech project and placement. I have realized that everyone who read my posts does not read my profile and other garbage that I used to put up at the bottom of my page (at least not every time). So I've removed them. I've also cleaned up the sidebar section to make it more simplistic and clean. That way you get to read my pages quicker than ever (feed readers excuse). Some technologies I recently peeked into are:-
  • HTML5 - Tries to standardize video on web (flash is not a standard), Input forms for email, Animation, Cookies (I know html5 guys have given it a different name, but technically it is just cookies).
  • Clojure - Finally, a Lisp-ish language that could become immensely popular. It is designed with concurrency in mind. It allows the developer to catch concurrency issues earlier in the life cycle. Simply put, while other programming languages allow thread-unsafe code to execute and let the programmer figure out when race conditions occur, Clojure detects such code and says "I can't allow you to do that".
  • Google Chrome add-ons are written using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is much cleaner than Firefox add-ons which uses XUL (a non-standard).
  • An arsenic-based life form have been discovered by NASA!
And finally, I got an offer from Microsoft, Hyderabad.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sending binary files and large attachments over gmail

Here are some handy tools which can be used to send attachments that Gmail will disallow.

The trick for sending binary files is to encode them into ASCII using a program called . Suppose you have a binary file foo that you want to send over Gmail. Then do this

$ uuencode foo foo >foo.uue

The foo.uue contains plain ASCII and can be send over Gmail. The recipient can decode the file using uudecode.

$ uudecode foo.uue

But what is the file is too large (>25MB is too large for gmail). Use the split command to split the file into multiple chunks.

$ split -b 24m foo.uue foo.uue # splits into foo.uueaa, foo.uueab..

The recipient can reassemble using plain-old cat

$ cat foo.uue[a-z][a-z] > foo.uue

and decode using uudecode.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Workspace switcher (wss) updates

Workspace switcher add-on was accepted sometime back into official add-on repository. Please try it out.. go to add-on page

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Firefox add-on

I have been working on a Firefox extension which will provide multiple workspaces within a single window.

You can find the source repository here.

To download version 0.2 Right click > Save link as here.

Note that version 0.2 supports only 2 workspaces. If you're unhappy with that try Version 0.3rc1 is available here.

I have tried 0.3rc1 on Firefox version 3.0.6. Version 0.2 is known to work in 3.0.6 and 3.5.6 (I hope it implies that it will work in all intermediate releases).

If you are interested you are welcome to test/enhance the extension. For any bug reports/queries/suggestions contact me.

A TODO list should be up shortly.