Monday, September 28, 2009

IITM - life updates

The quizzes (Just another term for sessionals) are over, and shaasthra, tech fest hosted and organized by IITM, is coming up. Life's pretty busy here. I remember the days in GEC. They were so different. I mean we could get away by not studying for 51/2 months (or more) in a semester. It kills if we relax for 1 week here.

Nowadays, I am spending a lot of time watching "The big bang theory" and "Bones". Both very different, but goes well with "wannabe geeks".


Anonymous said...


How did it went man?? (the quizzes)


Balagopal said...

The quizzes were ok. :-)

Anonymous said...

Really good choices... You can try numb3rs too.. Prison break is wonderful too...