Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Joined IIT-M

Yesterday was my first day at IIT-M. I've now completed all the usual admission formalities. I'm a bit surprised after that experience. I expected the thing to be simple and smooth. Instead, it was like every other college. I had to fill in my name and address in a million forms (, and I thought getting through GATE was tough).


sandeep-rb said...

similar experience for me also in NITC. so many intricated and time consuming processes for admission and registration. I had to give my nearest fax center name in one of the form (which i was not aware of). It seems it is too late for such autonomous institutions to think of process optimizations as some private companies do

Anonymous said...

All the best man!!

Am I the only one who never had to do all those chores!!


Balagopal said...

I agree
So NITC changed the process this year!!!