Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kermit scripting - 2

A kermit script consists of kermit commands that have to be executed. To
execute a kermit script use

$kermit + kscript

Arguments can be passed to script as

$kermit + kscript arg1 arg2

These arguments can be referenced within the script as \%1, \%2 etc.
Here \%1 = arg1 and \%2 = arg2


kermit scripts support conditional execution using "if" and looping
using "while".

if ! equal \%1 "" {
# Some piece of code to be executed when first argument is non-null

I have never actually used a "while" but here is one example I found
in a script.

while ! \F_eof(\m(f)) {
fread \m(f) l
out \m(l)\13
in 60 >

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