Monday, November 5, 2007

Fascinating fractals

"Mountains are not cones, clouds are not spheres, and rivers are not straight lines" -- Benoit Mandelbrot.

For Benoit Mandelbrot, fractals are the "geometry of nature."

You might want to read it for the beautiful theory...
or for all the beautiful figures..... :-)


ohhh and on the Internet...
"All routers does lead to Wikipedia" -- Balagopal


Anonymous said...

I had first seen these in linux.. there was just something called fractals (i hadnt even heard the term then) and i just clicked on it ..

It took me some time to see one of those beautiful fractals.. there was infinite zoom in and out and the more u play the more beautiful they would become.. it was extremely exciting :)

I had started thinking tel has killed the blogger in you :) good to see u back.


Balagopal said...

thanks.... thinking about getting a text and learning more about fractals

vivek said...

I guess I first heard about fractals from Anish itself or is it Pramode Sir??

Put those links too in ur blog which u think is good enuf, so that we need not google around.. :)


Balagopal said...

Anonymous said...

i heard about fractals from jins who had decided to take a seminar on it. i dont know why he changed his topic.

as u wrote, its worth to think on that for both its beautiful theory and beautiful figures...